Marjon F. Aucoin will be holding art classes at Little Wonders Learning Center Monday through Friday. This high quality fine art program offers art instruction that goes beyond cut and paste, and arts & crafts. Students will gain skills and confidence by learning to see simple shapes in complex objects. They are taught basic understanding of how to draw and paint and are provided with a large variety of art materials.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

En Plein Air: Sunspots in a Tree

This is from the last art session but the pictures were to good not to share.
For the last piece the students went outside & sat under a large tree then they drew what they saw when they looked up at it.  With this piece they were working on their perspective & foreshortening skills. The students really enjoyed sketching from this angel, it was something they had never thought about.  They had no idea how their piece was going to turn out, but they were excited to find out.  When it came time to paint,  the students thought I had lost my marbles when I wanted them to paint almost all of  their canvases green. Then when they really started with all the details (which was more than I think they had bargained for) they saw why I had them do that  because they would still be working on making all the leaves... ha ha ha.  I'm very proud with how how happy they are with their pieces, they turned out amazing, don't you think? 

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