Marjon F. Aucoin will be holding art classes at Little Wonders Learning Center Monday through Friday. This high quality fine art program offers art instruction that goes beyond cut and paste, and arts & crafts. Students will gain skills and confidence by learning to see simple shapes in complex objects. They are taught basic understanding of how to draw and paint and are provided with a large variety of art materials.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Adult Class

We are so excited to announce that we held out first adult class! This group of very wonderful and talented people were taught a basic introduction to the anatomy, proportions of the human figure, and how to see basic shapes and angles in order to draw proportionately.  There were two 30 minute poses and one final hour long pose. During the final pose the class was able to add more detail to their piece and choose their preferred paper or canvas and apply any medium (oil paint, watercolor, chalk pastel, oil pastel, and graphic pencil) of their choice. All the way from pencil to oil paint everyone created their very own masterpiece!  This was a great experience  for the adults who attended as well as me.  I have a passion for the human figure and I was so excited to be able to teach such a complex subject matter to such talented people who were so eager to learn. Thank you to all who attended and I hope you can make the next class!

    Interested? Go ahead and contact! We'd love to have you!

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